Alina – Aged 1 year

Alina’s parents invited me into their home for an impromptu shoot followed by a private cake smash with her family the day before her first birthday party.

The connection.dsc_5178

She played the piano,dsc_5194dsc_5220dsc_5251

and then a giggly game of peek-a-boo happened in her room. DSC_5267.jpgDSC_5294.jpgdsc_5293

Mom’s pearls.dsc_5372dsc_5384-2dsc_5386dsc_5397

She loves having her own car!dsc_5452

The cake smash was simple and sweet…dsc_0016dsc_0059dsc_0082and!!

Kami & Beth – Celebration of marriage

Kami and Beth chose to exchange vows on their first wedding anniversary with close friends and family on the shore of Perry Lake in September. The ceremony table was created by a dear friend, the box holds the wedding rings, the candle held in place by rocks in a beaker. Two scientists who love keeping life simple had a love filled ceremony to celebrate their union with close friends and family. this1this2this4this3this5this6this7this8this9this10this12this13this14this15

The Waller Family

I had the honor of preserving precious moments in one afternoon of these budding  adoptive parents, Keely and Luke. Their journey has just begun and it’s filled with great love, trials, tests, light, laughter, trials and tears.

“2016 has been our hardest year, one of constant trials and challenges that we did not see coming. Our “perfect life” was rattled to its core and for 365 days, we’ve been trying to find our way back to this new normal. After multiple appointments, we were told in March that we would never have our own children as planned. We searched our souls and were led to adoption. Our journey from that moment was fast and furious. In May, after only being listed for 9 days, we were chosen by a birthmom to adopt her baby and the baby had already been born. We drove 10 hours and spent a month in the NICU with our sweet baby girl, Triss, who is now 7 months old. When Triss was only six weeks old, we were chosen by another birthmom, due in November. Only a couple of days before Thanksgiving, we welcomed our new baby girl, Burke, in to our family. Life with two babies under 7 months is not easy but we are grateful every single day. These photos by Leilani are our badge of triumph saying “we made it”, “we survived”, and a reminder that we’ve completely fallen and have rebuilt our life, exactly as it was supposed to be. These babies are our greatest reminder that the darkest days will always be worth it. Thank you, Leilani.” -Keely


December 10 on 10

I took my first journey to Mexico and fell completely in love with a little island close to Cancun called Isla Mujeres. I walked about 2 blocks while waiting for our lunch to be served and this is what I found…

The colors and textures were spellbinding.dsc_9427

This one reached deep inside.dsc_9431

I had to move in close.dsc_9433

Texture and color. Texture and color. Repeat. dsc_9445

The colors here resemble the colors of the Caribbean and the story of the people who live here. dsc_9439

I wonder how this place appeared just after it was built…and what is behind the door now? dsc_9441

Plants that never have to go inside.dsc_9435

I was hoping for a portrait to share in my 366 portrait project and it happened. I said hello to these beautiful little people and showed them my camera. Mom said yes. dsc_9444

I really wanted a portrait of this lovely woman. She was shy, warm and friendly but declined a portrait. I snuck one in as she walked away. Is that bad? I love it so. dsc_9438

It was time to put away the camera and join Andy, Laura and Tom for lunch at La Lomita. The beer was served in terra cotta glasses and we feasted on enchiladas, black beans, chili rellenos and chips. Best meal of the trip. Cheers!!dsc_9430

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Doug & Lisa – July 23, 2016

Doug & Lisa were blessed in marriage by Doug’s grandfather, Dani on a warm Kansas Saturday evening in July. Under the arms of an old Chinese elm, surrounded and supported by their family and dear friends, this soulful couple soaked up earth’s energy through the soles of their feet as they exchanged handwritten vows. Sun illuminated the sacred scene.thissthis5this2this1this9this7this8this10thiss6this11this4thiss1thisthis13this14this16this17thiss4this18this19this5this20this21this23this25



10 on 10 | September

Welcome to a blog roll I share with a few other photographers I met on Flickr over the last five years. We continue to inspire one another and utilize this project to sharpen our storytelling skills. Each month, we post 10 images on the 10th day that were taken as a series in one day that tell a story. Follow the blog roll by clicking on the hyperlinks at the beginning or ending of each blog.

This month, join me on the playground of Raintree Montessori school. I have the pleasure of working in a 3-6 year old classroom from 7am – 9am each day of the school week. The little people melt my heart, challenge me and teach me important life lessons. It’s the perfect part-time job to go along with my career as a photographer. I’ve recently been named the official Raintree photographer, so capturing the magical moments is on my radar.

After preparing the room, greeting the children and beginning our jobs and work between 7:30 and 8:30, we line up for recess. I bring the camera along now and then to catch quick candid moments as I keep my eye on them…





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10 on 10 | August

Our annual county fair is always a magical space in time. The perfect place to bring a camera and capture a story. So for this month’s 10 on 10, join me for an evening at the county fair.

Maybe this year.
The anticipation is exhilarating.
The people watching, always interesting.
Totally absorbed in the chaos and fun.
Pokemon? Yep.
The little people in big cups.
When the subject connects from a distance.
Long exposure play.
Oh, the colors!  Thanks for joining me again this month! And now, it’s time to enjoy  Staci’s treasures.




10 on 10 | July

Join me for a walk around downtown in my hometown of Lawrence, Kansas. At the end of the walk, click on the link to connect with a loop of more 10 on 10 picture stories created by talented photographers across the country.

Outside eats.DSC_5296

Signs of life.DSC_5300

Saxophone man flavors the hot evening with smooth tunes.DSC_5306

Passerby, friends, flowers, fortune telling.DSC_5307


Coffee and conversations. A smoke between the middle and ring finger.DSC_5311

Art created from the inside, enjoyed from the outside.DSC_5313

Eye contact.DSC_5316

Surfing on break?DSC_5330

Last light, last shot.DSC_5322

Our Kansas town is a jewel, don’t you think?

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