December 10 on 10

I took my first journey to Mexico and fell completely in love with a little island close to Cancun called Isla Mujeres. I walked about 2 blocks while waiting for our lunch to be served and this is what I found…

The colors and textures were spellbinding.dsc_9427

This one reached deep inside.dsc_9431

I had to move in close.dsc_9433

Texture and color. Texture and color. Repeat. dsc_9445

The colors here resemble the colors of the Caribbean and the story of the people who live here. dsc_9439

I wonder how this place appeared just after it was built…and what is behind the door now? dsc_9441

Plants that never have to go inside.dsc_9435

I was hoping for a portrait to share in my 366 portrait project and it happened. I said hello to these beautiful little people and showed them my camera. Mom said yes. dsc_9444

I really wanted a portrait of this lovely woman. She was shy, warm and friendly but declined a portrait. I snuck one in as she walked away. Is that bad? I love it so. dsc_9438

It was time to put away the camera and join Andy, Laura and Tom for lunch at La Lomita. The beer was served in terra cotta glasses and we feasted on enchiladas, black beans, chili rellenos and chips. Best meal of the trip. Cheers!!dsc_9430

And now it’s time to visit Alison’s blog to see her 10 on 10 treasures.


6 thoughts on “December 10 on 10

  1. The colors and textures are so beautiful! I hadn’t heard of this little island until you began posting about it. Why an amazing place. I’ve really enjoy this journey together Leilani! And so love that we got to meet this year. That was a such a special day for me. Xo


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